Learn By Implementation – K-Nearest Neighbor

Welcome to the first entry in the Learn by Implementation series. The purpose of this series is to help learn about how to work with the tripod that is, Nd4j, Canova, and Dl4J, by working through an implementation. Generally the code being implemented will be a known, and well understood algorithm (usually Machine Learning related), but I won’t hold myself to such strict rules. Whatever follows this post in the series will always focus on explaining and exploring different aspects of the tripod. The typical flow will include, introducing the algorithm, walking through the main aspects of it, and then programming it. The programming side will go into lengths about various features of the three libraries (whichever are needed for the project), and discuss design decisions.

If you haven’t set up Deeplearning4j, check out this tutorial first!

K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN)

Knn architecture

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